What are good sources of photos for the plants and animals found in Wyoming and the region?

Numerous professional and amateur photographers focus on the flora, fauna, and landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, Intermountain Basins, and Western Great Plains. Many have websites with examples of their work. Currently, the photo collection that is most comprehensive, best organized by habitat, and most easily accessible is that of Dan Lewis.

Listed below are photographers who submitted images for the 2nd edition of Mountains and Plains and who also tend to feature scenes from the Rocky Mountain region on their website:

Michael Collier
Scott Copeland
Ken Driese
Mark Gocke
Dan Hayward
Dan Lewis
Dave Schowalter
Wendy Shattil/Bob Rozinski

Another source is Google Images.  The photos can be found using either common or Latin name.  As with the photographers listed above, permission is generally required to use Google images in publications.