Animal Identification


Several popular field guides are available at bookstores.  In addition, the following references are useful.

Dorn, J. L., and R. D. Dorn. 1999. Wyoming birds (2nd edition). Mountain West Publishing, Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Faulkner, D. W. 2010. Birds of Wyoming. Roberts and Company, Greenwood Village, Colorado.


Buskirk, S.W. 2016. Wild Mammals of Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park, University of California Press, Oakland.

Reptiles and amphibians

Lewis, Dan. 2011. A Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Wyoming. The Wyoming Naturalist, Douglas, Wyoming.



Animals known to occur in national parks and monuments

For a list of the plants and animals known to occur in a national park or monument, go to

At this website, choose, for example, Devils Tower National Monument, and then, under  Category, select the category of interest.  Then select Full List with Details.  Checklists can be produced using the Reports tab near the top of the page.  For assistance, use the Help option.